Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Denis Pushilin: “Ukraine blocks both negotiation processes – Minsk and Normandy”

11 November 2021
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In the course of big interview on November 11 the DPR Representative in France Hubert Fayard asked question to Denis Pushilin on the practicability of the new mitting on the highest level in the framework of the Normandy Four. He also conveyed to the Donbass people friendly greetings and support from tens of thousands of French.

Answering the question the DPR Head underlined that the main negotiation platform if Minsk one.

“This is Minsk negotiation process with its parties to the conflict. There are decisions make there, but Ukraine doesn’t fulfill them. My opinion: what purpose of new mitting? Let’s fulfill the points prescribed, and only after define new ones. In this way it is possible to move forward. But what does Ukraine do? It blocks in fact the both formats – Normandy by its inactivity and Minsk by its detachment, impudence and cynicism. This is exactly what our negotiators see now”, - Denis Pushilin noted.

The DPR Head thanked the French people, who support Donbass and do not exposed to the effects of Western media propaganda.