Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Spokeswoman of the Russian MFA Maria Zakharova spoke about artifacts transferred by the DPR MFA from Ukrainian positions

17 March 2022
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“Colleagues from the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs shared photos of findings from the liberated Donbass territories. 

Attention was drawn to artifacts found in the places where right-wing extremist formations of the armed forces of Ukraine are based. In particular, Suliev's personal diary, who was the commander of the 24th platoon of the Aidar assault battalion of the 53rd mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The records were found at the end of February in the village of Starognatovka, near the Volnovakha city. Military texts with diagrams made using NATO standards are accompanied by neo-Nazi symbols. 

Taking into account the document, on February 14, Sulyev's unit was trained in the use of an anti-tank grenade launcher (made in Sweden), and it was received through Britain and prepared the appropriate positions for it. For those who do not know or have forgotten, since 2014 the Aidar battalion has been trailing blood in Donbass. These are mass crimes against civilians. So terrible a trail of blood that even human rights activists from Amnesty International, known for their selectivity, were forced to issue a resonant report describing the atrocities of the Aidar punishers.

You know how much we talked about it, you know that we published these data, we published reports, we quoted, we read out. I have a question for all those, including Russian journalists, who are now devoting so much time to moaning and suffering, regarding the fact that their life is over now. Where were you? Where were your articles? Where were your posts? Where were your personal civic position on this matter? There was nothing.”