Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Delegation of observers from Germany, Serbia and Finland visited Donetsk

26 July 2016
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23 July, the delegation paid a visit to Donetsk of the foreign observers for public primaries:

1. Director of German Center of Eurasian research, chief editor of German edition   «ZUERST!» Manuel Ochsenreiter (Germany).

2.Member of Parliament of the state of Baden-Württemberg from the party «Alternative for Germany» Udo Stein (Germany).

3.Member of Parliament of the state of Thuringia from the party «Alternative for Germany», Chairman of the party «Alternative for Germany» in Greitz/Altenburger Land Thomas Rudy (Germany).

4.Journalist, the representative of Fund for strategic culture from Serbia Miodrag Zarkovic (Сербия).

Aim of the foreign guests` visit –  monitoring of primaries for electing the candidates for the representatives of local self-government.

The first day in the DPR started for the delegates with trip to Gorlovka, where guests reviewed numerous destructions and talked to the local residents. The foreign observers were impressed with everything they saw. After the trip the delegates had a meeting with the DPR Acting Foreign Minister Natalya Nikonorova during which they discussed aims, tasks and principles of holding the primaries.

The delegates expressed their impressions, opinions and recommendations concerning election process in the Republic at the round table «Primaries in the DPR as one of the levers of the democratic state formation». The foreign guests specially turned attention to the fact that the primaries in the Donetsk People’s Republic have truly democratic basis.

Also the foreigners visited the Republican Conference on National Public Voting with aim to observe the process of electing the members of temporary election committee. Delegates were very impressed with the fact that the structure of election committee was approved unanimously.

At the end of the visit the guests jointly with Natalya Nikonorova took part at final press-conference. The foreign observers expressed their view on the process of preparation for primaries in the DPR and stressed the absence of the violations in the course of preparation of primaries 2016 in the DPR.