Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

DPR Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs took part in the forum opening “Donbass in the center of geopolitical transformations”

21 February 2019
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An international scientific and practical forum and a session of the Livadia Club, entitled “Donbass in the center of geopolitical transformations”, opened in Lugansk. The event was attended by representatives of the DPR, LPR, Russia and Belarus.

A plenary meeting in the LPR capital was attended by the heads of ministries and departments, deputies of the Republics of Donbass, scientists and politicians of the Russian Federation and Belarus. In particular, the DPR was represented by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Natalia Mikhailova, with a report on the topic “Challenges to modern Donbass in the light of geopolitical transformations”. During the opening ceremony, she read a message from the DPR Head Denis Pushilin:

“Today, the border of the conjunction of two ideological cultures passes across our land and Donbass has the honor of becoming an outpost of the Russian world on the path of Western expansion. It is no secret that Ukraine is a springboard of forces that seek to destroy everything important for us, everything that forms a basis of our being. We are the first line of defense, but we would not have managed it without the help of the entire Russian world”.

Pushilin thanked the forum participants for their attitude to issues of self-determination and for supporting the DPR and LPR.