Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Foreign Minister: a document that appeared on the Internet regarding the distribution of ICRC funds in the Republic is a fake

12 November 2020
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Kiev, instead of unblocking work of the Minsk track, continues to do not only self-promotion, but also vile provocations. A fake order of the DPR Head has appeared on the network stating that the Republic’s authorities allegedly decided to allocate funds received from the International Committee of the Red Cross to government and military officials.

Ukrainian figures, already repeatedly noticed in media untidiness and information fraud, are crossing all permitted boundaries: the image and reputation of one of the largest and most respected humanitarian organizations in the world is being denigrated. Obviously, Kiev is extremely disgusted by the fact that the ICRC, being in fact a neutral humanitarian organization, helps the residents of Donbass on both sides of the contact line equally, without any preferences or discrimination.

We call on the international community to pay attention to the flagrant behavior of Kiev, which is ready to stoop to impudent provocations not only against the Republics, but also against the International Committee of the Red Cross. This incident became another confirmation that international law for Kiev is an empty phrase, that today's Ukraine does not value the UN Security Council or the ICRC, and that there is no question of any good faith intentions of the Ukrainian party to peacefully resolve the Donbass conflict.