Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

DPR Foreign Minister: there are no legal grounds for extending the OSCE SMM activities on the DPR territory

08 April 2022
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At a press conference with the participation of foreign media, Natalia Nikonorova spoke about position of the Republic regarding activities of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission:

“The DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs prepared a draft resolution to the State Defense Committee on the recognition of the unlawful further activities of the OSCE SMM on the territory of the Donetsk People's Republic. We expect this decision to be adopted in the near future."

The Minister spoke about the background of such a decision, in particular about the vagueness of the mission status from March 31, 2022:

“On March 31, a meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council was held, at which the participating countries of this organization did not reach a consensus on the future fate of the OSCE SMM. This means that its further activities no longer comply with the organization's statutory documents and have no legal basis. The OSCE SMM explained continuation of the stay on the DPR territory and the fact that no attempts were made to wind down the mission with some vague arguments about the administrative status of the OSCE field operation. But no such status is provided by the organization’s documents.”
Natalia Nikonorova also said that one of the OSCE the local employees of the OSCE SMM was detained by the DPR law enforcement agencies and pre-investigation measures are currently being carried out in connection with illegal acts carried out on the DPR territory.