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Israel hears voice of goodness and honor from Novorossia

29 July 2015
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Perhaps only Israel keeps memory about Second World War victims so gently as aren’t no other part of the world. And if in the first days of Jewish country existence it was normal for many people especially to those who went through Nazi atrocities to suppress flashbacks and completely be devoted to new creation on native land, starting from he sixties, war and Holocaust theme became more fundamental and vectoring. It is referred not to revenge, but to responsibility of every Israeli citizen for keeping country not only to oneself and own children but to all six millions who were left in gas chambers and ditches of Europe.

The biggest number of people who went through German occupation atrocities (in percentage correlation) lives in Israel. Israel as a state was an answer for world community on the Nazi’s attempt to completely annihilate Jewish people. This state was and remains a symbol of victory over Nazism. That is why we find a special attitude to Russia and the USSR among those who still remembers and knows.

The following incident testifies about the persistence of anti-fascism mood. In 1986 Ukrainian group from the USA jointly with Jaakov Suslenskiy Jewish-Ukrainian friendship Community installed a memorable stone in a memory of «Holodomor Victims» on Mount Zion in Jerusalem. At the first night unknown reduced to powder with hammers and in the morning they announced themselves in the central newscast of Israeli radio. That was Jewish Guerilla organization. Its representative told that they wouldn’t stand monuments of Bandera character. Deputy Chairman of the Knesset Dov ben Meir hastened to support guerillas. Iaakov Suslenskiy tried to protest but he gained no support.

At the end of eighties and staring from nineties more than a million of former USSR citizens came to Israel, not less than a third part of them were Jews. Young generation of Soviet Jews got an education in the USSR and often they simply didn’t even have an idea about Holocaust and other Nazi barbarities. Unfortunately theme of meaningful Jews annihilation was silenced in all time. More than that Soviet propaganda carefully hid such facts as barbarian stake of Belarusian Khatyn citizens by Bandera monsters. More than ten millions of USSR civilians died at the hands of «Nazi occupiers», - that is what we were taught at schools and institutions. Role of Baltic, Ukrainian and other collaborationists was concealed.

No wonder that some number of repatriates who came to Israel in their youth turned to be victims of modern Bandera propaganda, supported by American media. Historical ignorance in general, poor awareness of the history about World War II in particular made possible appearance some amount of bloggers and even journalists writing for newspapers and supporting modern Bandera followers in Ukraine by media.

Nevertheless, according to all available enquiries the majority of Israeli people condemn attempts of restoring Nazi in Ukraine. It concerns simple and available facts: Ukrainian President and Verkhovna Rada consider worst collaborationists as heroes, like Bandera and Shukhevich and organize state actions on « shakhidization» memory monsters from OUN UPA. It means recognition of Nazi as an official state ideology.

I would like to remind that 36 Israeli Knesset members came forward with letter of protest against glorification of Bandera and Shukhevich five years ago. Two years ago 62 (from 120) signed petition to Chairman of European Parliament Schultz on growing danger of Nazi, anti-Semitism and Russophobia in Ukraine. It happened several months before Maydan. What can be more evident than this letter proving cruel anti- Nazi position of Israel? Israeli deputies were first in the world who started talking about Russophobia as of special problem.

That is why no wonder Israel refused taking part in sanctions imposition against Russia and voted in the UN with Russia on anti-Nazi resolution against the US and Ukraine. In this regard, several shrilling bloggers do not display general mood of Israeli community as for question of restoring Nazi in Ukraine. Israel has fertile ground for Novorossia support, heroically standing for its freedom. We have thousands of this region natives. There are many others who are ready to provide assistance for those who represent such ideas as courage, justice and love for freedom.

We wait in Israel those who is able to represent this land properly, distinguished itself during World War II and became a peculiar kind of Alexander Matrosov against fascism revanchism nowadays. We wait for those who have proved that in our lapse from virtue time there are people who value voice of goodness and honor most of all. Let this voice be heard on the Holy Land and from it in the whole world!


Article author - journalist and public person Avigdor Eskin (Israel)