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«The Humanitarian aid from Abkhazia: miracles in the Christmas Eve» - the story by Irina Poltoratskaya

12 January 2015
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Miracles can happen in the Christmas Eve, for some they are small and for some they are big, it doesn`t matter. The main thing is that miracles happen! Such miracle was a phone call from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPR with the question: «Do you want tangerines?». It happened some days before Christmas!

The Torez district comprises the six churches and a number of offered tangerines is rather impressive – 600 kg! Decent Father Avraamiy and Father Prior of Saint Iovo-Pochaevsk Church Father Oleg have delivered tangerines to the city.

We have made the right decision to give tangerines to the children in churches in order to involve the whole city: the children – parishioners of the churches, the children from Sunday Schools, children-volunteers, delivering food to old people, junior school pupils, unable to attend school for health reasons.

We can describe for a long time steps of the tangerines distribution, happy faces of the little children, holding packets with those bright fruits with non-military aroma, and their not childish thoughtful, earnest and sorrowful eyes.

I would like to say, that there is always a place for kindness in this difficult for our young Republic period. This time the citizens of Abkhazia have given the part of their soul, and made our children happy by «orange little suns». All this owing to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the DPR Alexandr Kofman`s recent visit to the Republic of Abkhazia.

On behalf of all children, I would like to thank the MFA of the DPR, personally Alexandr Kofman and his team for the joyous event for kids. I understand, how difficult and not easy to work on behalf of the unrecognized state, but exactly these little steps make huge contribution to the further establishment of the friendship with neighboring countries, and the hope for the DPR`s recognition grows. The citizens of Abkhazia, please, accept sincere appreciation and deep bow!

Respectfully, Irina Poltoratskaya