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Donetsk People's Republic

Humanitarian aid from combatant brotherhood of DPR

29 January 2015
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On the 29th of January, 2015,  All-Russian veteran organization “Boevoe Bratstvo”  has passed next part of humanitarian aid including medicaments, items for wounded care, school items and sweets for children.

They have also delivered antishocking, anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, blood substitutes, care for the wounded amounted to more than 250 thousand rubles, bought on money collected by the representatives of  Syrian and Lebanese local associations in Moscow.  According to the initiators of the Arab humanitarian action to help the Donbass, they  know firsthand what the war is, feel sorry for victims of punitive action and want to support the humanitarian efforts of our country and its people, who support their country's tragic moments in their history.

The letter which representatives of the Syrian and Lebanese diaspora have addressed to residents of Donbass, says: "We, Syrians and Lebanese, living in Russia, have deeply experienced the tragic events taking place in the Donbass. We know very well what is the turnover of “color revolutions" for different peoples according to foreign scripts.  Libya is destroyed by the war, civilian people suffer from terrorist strikes in Lebanon and Iraq.  Blloody war is being going for four years in Syria, cities are destroyed, there are thousands of civilian losses, millions of refugees were forced to leave their homes. The Russians have responded to our grief. Humanitarian aid for Syrians has been gathered across the country. Now the trouble has come into your home.

My representatives of the Syrian and Lebanese communities can not remain indifferent to the suffering of people living in Donbass. We have collected money and bought medicaments for helping wounded people suffered from barbaric rafals of peaceful towns. We will provide a futher help for Donbass citizens. “The God will bless you!”

Little Syrians have also passed sweets for wounded Donbass chilren.

Bought by Russian veterans medicaments and collected by the members of youth-patriotic clubs “Boevoe Bratstvo” more then a ton of school- writing materials have been delivered to Novoazovsk hospitals and school for children of DPR.

Since summer 2014, All-Russian social veteran organization “Boevoe Bratstvo” have provided humanitarian help to refugees and civilian people from DPR and LPR amounted to 30 millions of rubles. Invited by “BOEVOE BRATSTVO” 30 children from Novoazovsk district have attended New Year tree perfomance in Moscow. During the trip children have met Patriarch of Moscow and All Rus Kirill. The Representative of Russian Church has blessed young citizans of Novoazovsk and presented everyone a gift with words of blessing.

Since the beginning of the studing period “BOEVOE BRATSTVO” provides kindergardens and scools of Novoazovsk with all nessesary feeding. All-Russian social veteran organization “BOEVOE BRATSTVO” has been established on 26th of December, 1997 on the I congress of veterans of local wars and military conflicts in Russia. One of the main aims of organization is social veteran support, support of their families and families of fallen defenders of Motherland; patriotic education of youth, immortalization of soldiers, fallen, defending their military duty. The structure of “BOEVOE BRATSTVO” includes 85 regional detachments in Russian Federation subject. The whole number of members is more than 108 thousands of people. The chairman is the Hero of Soviet Union deputy of State Duma Boris Gromov. The first acting chairman is the member of Soviet Federation Dmitriy Sablin.