Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The candidacy of the DPR Ambassador to the Russian Federation has been determined, and the recognizing the Republic abroad may a

08 April 2022
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During a press conference, the head of the DPR Foreign Ministry said that a request for an agrement of the ambassador candidacy had already been sent to the Russian Federation :

 “We will definitely let you know when we receive a response to our request. Active preparations for embassy opening are underway,   we hope that this event will happen within a month.”

Regarding the recognition of the DPR by other countries, the Minister noted:

“The work of the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the international recognition of our state has been carried out constantly and systematically for all 8 years. Previously, there were deterrents in the form of Minsk agreements. Accordingly, representatives of states expressed some doubts about possibility of recognizing the DPR. But since now the political and legal reality has changed, we hope that the establishing official contacts with other countries will go faster. We have grounds for such hope.”