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Concert of a dancing group "Ataman" on January 16 at 4 PM in Centre of Slavonic Culture

16 January 2016
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Tomorrow, January 17, at 4 PM the Cossack dancing group «Ataman» is to take place in Donetsk Centre of Slavonic Culture (Kuibysheva St. 67).

The event is to be attended by the representatives of the DPR Ministry of Defense and the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The entrance is free.

Concert is to take place with an assistance of the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs and   Abkhazian community of Donbass_.

The media representatives are invited to cover this event.

Note: Cossack dancing group «Ataman» is established on January 14, 2003. The idea of a dancing group creation is to give the opportunity for the talented youth to demonstrate their performing talent rooted in ancestries.

The repertoire of Cossack group «Ataman» includes spiritual song performances, folk and old Cossack songs, and also author songs presenting distinctive Cossack and folk culture – songs about Homeland, the destiny of Russia, Russian people. Special attention is paid to the songs of authors-Cossacks by origin.

Cossack dancing group «Ataman» tour is taking place round all Russia: in Kuban, Siberia, Ural, Leningrad, Murmansk, Pskov, Novgorod areas, and also in the Republic of Belarus. In 2015 the group has twice visited Luhansk and Donetsk People`s Republics with charity tour.

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