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Donetsk People's Republic

International observers: the referendum in the DPR passes without violations

26 September 2022
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Today, on September 26, international observers visited the voting stations for the referendum on the  joining of the Donetsk People's Republic to Russia.

In particular, the delegation included public activist, managing director of the portal Weltnetz TV Artur Leier (Germany), President of the Association «Observatorio Hispano-Ruso de Eurasia» Fernando Moragon (Spain), independent journalist, war correspondent William Parra (Colombia), public activist and coordinator of the Immortal Regiment of Montenegro movement Igor Damjanovic (Montenegro), political analyst and founder of the Stratpol Center for Political and Strategic Analysis Xavier Moreau (France).  

As part of their visit, foreign representatives observed the holding of the referendum at the exit polling stations in Torez, Enakievo and Debaltsevo. Foreign experts noted that no violations of the voting procedure were found, all voting stages are transparent and democratic.

Also, foreign observers talked with local residents, noting the importance of their ability to choose their future on their own.

It should be noted that earlier, representatives of Italy, Germany, South Africa, Togo, Venezuela and Romania acted as international observers of the voting process of the DPR residents in the referendum.