Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

DPR MFA makes all efforts to open world community’s eyes on the true state of things in Donbass

13 January 2016
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Today, January 13, 2016, the round table «International information war against the DPR: means and forms of resistance» took place with an assistance of the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The round table was attended:

• From part of the DPR: the representatives of the DPR Head Administration, People’s Council, Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Information, political experts and Republic public persons;

• From part of the LPR: LPR Prime Minister Vasiliy Nikitin, Zadiraka Nelli – Council Chairman on international relations` affairs, information policy and mass media, representatives of the LPR Ministry of Defense;

• French delegation members: Josy-Jean Bousquet, Hanane Mahsoud, and Jacques Clostermann.

• foreign journalists: Janus Putkonen (Finland),   Yana Kurti (Finland), Julian Fernandez (Spain), Laurent Brayard (France), Dawid Hudziec (Poland).

On the path of our young Republic’s formation, despite all efforts on sharing the true information about events happening in Donbass, western countries` citizens knew not much about the Donetsk People’s Republic. Owing to the work of the DPR Ministry of Information which during all hostilities has been constantly providing assistance to the foreign journalists in covering the events in Donbass, whit of the truth reached the European citizens and world community’s opinion started changing.

In the course of a round table French delegation members on behalf of the whole French nation made an apology for the Europeans not knowing the truth on happening in Donbass.

Department on state information policy director Maya Pirogova in her speech called on journalists from all countries to carry out their main duty – to report the truth. Eduard Basurin, the DPR Head representative on issues of military officers` social protection in his turn stressed that journalists should be ambassadors of peace and truth between all nations.

During the round table the LPR Ministry of Defense representatives handed facts of genocide crimes, crimes against the humanity, war crimes committed by state of Ukraine on the territory of Donetsk People’s Republic to the French delegation. French delegation members committed themselves to report the truth and to assist in giving these facts to international legal institutions.

While summing up, the DPR First Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Mnukhin expressed confidence that together we would be able to resist information blockade and stop propaganda war launched by pro-American and pro-Ukrainian media.

Despite constant provocative actions in information field and hiding the truth about Donbass, DPR MFA makes all efforts in order to open world community’s eyes on true state of things in Donetsk People’s Republic. It means not only the informational cooperation with organizations all over the world, but providing overall assistance to foreign political and public persons in visiting the DPR.