Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

DPR MFA participated in the events, dedicated to Donbass Release Day

09 September 2015
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Yesterday, September 8, 2015, Deputy Foreign Minister O. Parfinenko together with «People’s Front of Novorossia» co-chairman V. Zolotniuk and public activist A. Muravkova congratulated members of Kirovskiy area veteran organization on Donbass Release Day from German-Nazis.

Among present veterans on the event were those who saw firsthand how Soviet army heroically and devotedly released Donbass from Nazi occupation.

Accepting congratulations on the Great Holiday members of Kirovskiy area veteran organization continued on the presentation of poetic collection «My city is hoarsened from prayers», where the floor was given to O. Parfinenko for her solemn speech.

This edition from series: «Novorossia: yesterday, today, tomorrow» became a unique collection of horribleness of losing close people, everyday shelling and destruction.

Veterans who attended presentation of this collection stressed that in such challenging period of Donbass such events are very important, as every world, every action in support of the Republic makes closer long-expected peace, calmness and prosperity.

Photos are placed here.