Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

DPR MFA offers condolences in connection with loss of Abkhazian people in Patriotic War 1992-1993

14 August 2015
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On behalf of the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs we express our deepest condolences in connection with loss of Abkhazian people during Patriotic War 1992-1993.

Exactly 23 years ago Georgian troops invaded Abkhazia carrying death, suffering, pain and destruction. This day will always remain in the people’s memory as breakpoint of 413 days-long bloody war, which claimed lives of thousands of Abkhazian sons and perished hundreds of innocent women, old people and children.

Unfortunately, history lessons are not always comprehended and adopted properly. During the last year Donetsk People’s Republic citizens have learned toils of war time, anguish of bereavement of relatives and close ones in the cruelest war to the full extent.

In this tragic for our fraternal nation date we mourn deeply together with you, and condole sincerely with families and relatives of victims. We are sure that the memory about aggressor’s crimes would never fade away serving to descendants as forcible argument against senseless and ruthless wars.