Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Foreign Ministry initiates international photo exhibition

26 August 2015
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During the last year people from our young Republic have faced with challenging ordeals. War, sufferings, pain, destroying – we know about all of this first hand unfortunately. Our land is relentlessly affected by severities of economic, transport, humanitarian and informational blockade. The last one is organized elaborately and toughly, by all means trying to hide the truth about happening in the DPR from the world community.

In this regard those actions called to breakthrough informational veil and give true to fact information about state of things in our Republic are of a huge importance.

In September 2015 the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs initiates international photo exhibition, dedicated to Donbass` Release from German-Nazi Day 1943-1945.

Despite all challenges and barriers of anti-Russian propaganda, our associates abroad are going to demonstrate objective reflection our severe war reality to the world community.

Photo works are to be presented in Greece, Russia, Transdniestria, Latvia, Moldova. Information about held exhibitions will be posted on the DPR MFA official site.