Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

DPR Minister of Foreign Affairs Natalia Nikonorova addressed the residents of Italy and other European countries

06 June 2022
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During her address Natalia Nikonorova touched upon the following topics:

Citizens of Italy were not afraid to protest against the decision of their authorities to supply the Kiev regime with various types of weapons and come out with the support of Russian and Russian-speaking residents of Europe.

For 8 years, the Kiev regime has been destroying the Donbass with planes, tanks and howitzers, infringing on our rights and freedoms, imposing a humanitarian, economic, transport blockade against us - and at the same time telling the whole world that we are terrorists and criminals.

Today, the United States is trying to aggravate the crisis not only for Ukraine and its inhabitants, but also for European countries, urging them to impose sanctions against Russia, which significantly worsen the standard of living, primarily for Europeans.

🇮🇹 A video message from Natalia Nikonorova was shown in the Square of the Holy Apostles in Rome, where a large-scale protest against the supply of weapons to Ukraine was held.

We encourage our like-minded people in Europe to publish this appeal on all available resources. Now more than ever it is important to act as a united front in the dissemination of objective information about what is happening in Donbass and Ukraine.

Only together can we overcome the information barrier that Western political forces and mainstream media are building. The main weapon against disinformation, fakes and Russophobia is the truth.