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The DPR Foreign Minister visited celebration of 72nd anniversary of Donbass Liberation Day from Nazis in Moscow

18 September 2015
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September 9, 2015, in Moscow House of Nationalities an evening took place, dedicated to 72nd anniversary of Donbass Liberation from German-Nazi occupation. Among the honored guests were the DPR Foreign Minister A. Kofman, members of Luhansk, Kharkov, Kiev and Ivano-Frankovsk communities and Ukrainian Council of Communities.

The evening was opened by the Donbass Community Council Board chairman P. Akaiomov. He congratulated guests on the 72nd anniversary of Donbass Liberation and stressed that only memory about the past could keep the young generation from fatal and tragic mistakes in the future.

P. Akaiomov also told guests about Community delegation’s trip to Donetsk, organized by Donbass Community at celebrations of Miner Day and City Day.

Delegation`s leader was Community Board chairman, the USSR, DPR and LPR national artist I. Kobzon, who gave concert on August 29 in Luhnansk, and twice he gave concerts on August 30 in Donetsk Opera and Ballet Theatre. This year he received the highest reward – the DPR Hero title.

Community member, leader of volunteer group «Moscow - Donetsk» E. Romanenko informed about funds raising for Donbass citizens and distributing humanitarian aid during the trip to Donetsk.

With welcoming speech the floor was taken by the DPR Foreign Minister A. Kofman.

The leader of Kharkov Community E. Vvedensky congratulated Moscow and Donbass citizens.

Then the guests saw documentary film about Donbass before, during and after the war.

The evening was finished by concert program, with participation of art masters, Donbass Community members:

Russian national artist Viacheslav Kobzev, the winner of international and All-Russian competitions Oksana Naumenko, Honorary Figure of Russian Culture, musician Vladimir Vovchenko, Russian national artist Liudmila Nazarenko, member of Russian Union of Writers Ihor Mukhin, the winner of international and all-Russian competitions Vladimir Avtomonov.

Spectators warmly greeted the guests of program – the winner of international and all-Russian competitions Roman Razum (Luhansk Community), Lidia Sokolova-Serbskaya and the winner of international competitions, solo performer of vocal centre «Zviozdny delfin» (leader – O. Naumenko), 11 year-old Liuba Denisenko.