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DPR Foreign Minister met with honorable «Big Donbass» Fest guest A. Mirzayan

13 August 2015
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Today, August 13, 2015, Music and Poetry Fest «Big Donbass» has started in Donetsk.

Honorable guests and Fest participants continue arriving at Donetsk People’s Republic. Among them Alexander Mirzayan - Russian poet, musician and bard, whose visit became a great present for Donetsk admires of music and poetry.

Alexander Mirzayan wrote his first songs in 1969. In 1970th he regularly participated in fests, contests and gatherings. From 1988 he occupied himself only with author’s songs, became a member of creative union «Pervy krug» that included Vladimir Berezhkov, Viktor Luferov, Mikhail Kochetkov and other authors.

Within the framework of «Big Donbass» Fest, in August 14, 2015, Alexander Mirzayan will give a lecture «Word about song» in big hall of Krupskaya library.

Alexander Mirzayan was received by DPR Foreign Minister. Alexander Kofman thanked guest for a visit in the Donetsk People’s Republic and stressed that Alexander Mirzayan`s presence is a very significant event for all Donetsk citizens.