Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Minsk negotiations: second anniversary of the date of the Package of Measures singing

11 February 2017

Unfortunately, the progress in political issues in the Minsk negotiations for two years from the date of signing of the Package of Measures has not been achieved. The Ukrainian party continues in every way to delay the negotiation process, constantly changing political representatives in the group, referring to the need for consultations “in other formats”, without providing with its official negotiating position. Kiev consistently ignores all our calls to establish a constructive dialogue and even cynical close its eyes to the fact, that civilians are being killed. 

The representatives of Ukraine stubbornly continue to use the substitution of concepts and original interpretation of the Package of Measures by changing its logic, meaning and implementation of periodization. Neither position in the world, nor the situation in Ukraine allows Kiev to fulfill the Minsk agreements, although all of these obstacles were created by the current government. 

According to the DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko : “the Minsk negotiations will continue, and this conflict is to be solved by peaceful means.” 

Therefore, we hope that 2017 will be decisive year: the pressure on Kiev from the Western partners increases every day, a new power (USA President) has come on the world arena, attitude to Ukraine by international organizations and mediators in the negotiation process is to be changed for the worse. The Ukrainian economy is not able to provide even the minimum cost for the peaceful existence of its citizens, not to mention the military contentment. All these factors lead to the recognition by Kiev the no-alternative to the Minsk agreements and Ukraine will enter into the dialogue with us, the representatives of Donbass habitants.