Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The meetings supporting the DPR and Novorossia

28 February 2015

In January and February 2015 there were 26 meetings supporting the DPR and the LPR, against the current Ukrainian government and US foreign policy.

The most massed meetings were on the 5th of February at Athens (supporting the Government of Greece, organizer – «Syriza», participated about 30 000) and on the 16th of February at Sophia (against the NATO expansion, organizers – Anti-fascist Coalition of Bulgaria and «Attack» party, participated about 1000).

In the Russian Federation the most large-scale meeting, supporting the DPR and the LPR took place on the 31st of January at Yekaterinburg (up to 200 participants).

Apart from this, it is necessary to emphasize the action organized by the party «Jobbik» in Budapest (13.02.2015) .The participants of the event demanded the protection of ethnic rights of the Hungarians of the MFA of Hungary and voiced a protest against the Hungarians` mobilization into the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The most widespread slogans were: «Save Donbass people», «Save Donbass Children», «Stop War!», «Je suis Donbass», «ЯВаня», «Je suis Odessa», «Stop Ukrainian nazi», «Стоп - фашизму!», «ЯДонбасс», «ЯВаня» etc.

Date, place, number of participants



08.01.2015 Berlin, Germany,

50-100 people

Slogans: «Яценюк – фашист!», «Save Donbass people», «Save Donbass Children», «Stop War!».

- The protest against Arseniy Yatsenyuk`s arrival;
- The protest against the support of the Kiev regime by the Government of Germany.

The group of activists with anti-fascist banners posted piquet near Bundestag building, and hissed off the cortège of Yatsenyuk.


13.01.2015 Strasbourg,

up to 20 people

Slogans: «Save Donbass people», «Save Donbass Children».

- An appeal to the European Parliament deputies, requesting to condemn crimes, committed by the Kiev authorities.

In demonstration there were used photos of the victims of Dom Profsojuzov`s  conflagration, on the 2nd of May, 2014.


15.12.2015 Madrid, Spain,

around 100 people

Slogans: «Донбасс станет могилой фашизма!», «Poroshenko – murderer!», «Obama and Merkel hand off the DPR!».

- The expression of  solidarity with Donbass People

Organizer: Madrid committee of anti-fascist Ukraine support.

The participants marched along the streets of Madrid using the USSR, the DPR, the LPR, Novorossia and Battalion «Vostok» flags. They also held portraits of Barack Obama, Angela Merkel and Petro Poroshenko with the inscription at the bottom «war criminal».

the Russian Federation

around 10 people

Slogans: «Я — Донбасс», «Я-Луганск».

- The expression of solidarity with people of Novorossia.

Organizers: the LDPR party.

Action is aimed at supporting Novorossia citizens. Demonstrators called on the Russian and international communities to gather round Novorossia and support the belligerent citizens for defense of their rights and freedom.

25.01.2015 Ottawa, Canada,

around 13 people

Slogans: «Je suis Donbass», «Je suis Donetsk», «ЯВаня».

Canadian citizens expressed their solidarity with Donbass citizens and claimed to stop the bloodshed.

27.01.2015 Ottawa, Canada,

around 10 people

Slogans: «Je suis Odessa», «Stop Ukrainian Nazi».

- To turn attention to the war in Ukraine;
- To express resentment towards biased treatment of the problem by Canadian mass media.

The meeting against the war in Donbass took place in front of the building CBC Radio-Canada.

31.01.2015 Yekaterinburg,
the Russian Federation,

150-200 people

Slogans: «ЯДонбасс».

-  To express social position against the American imperialism;  
-  To prevent  the Western plans to distract the international community from massed killing in Donetsk and Luhansk People`s Republics;
- To render moral support to citizens.

Members of action #яДонбасс marched along the streets of Yekaterinburg and pelted Consulate General of the USA building with eggs. Two participants of march violated discipline and were brought to the police department. 

31.01.2015 (Murmansk district),
the Russian Federation

up to 50 people

- The expression of solidarity with Novorossia citizens; 
- The request of the cessation of    fratricidal war.

Organizers: The Deputies of Monchegorsk city Soviet.
The participants of the meeting were the  students of the Northern College of Physical Culture and Sports and  people that are not indifferent to  the DPR events.

01.02.2015 Montreal,

Slogans: «Je suis Donbass».

Canadian citizens expressed solidarity with the people of Donbass and demanded the cessation of the bloodshed. 

05.02.2015 Athens, Greece

up to 30 000 people

Slogans: «We don’t give up. We aren’t afraid. We don’t step back. We will win».

- The support of the Greece Government;
-  The condemnation of the foreign policy of the EU;
- The protest against the anti-Russian sanctions.

The large-scale meeting took place at the Athens supporting the policy of the government of the country directed against anti-Russian sanctions and discrimination from the EU`s side.

During the action the state symbolic of the DPR and the LPR is detected.

06.02.2015 Kostroma,
the Russian Federation

up to 30 people

Slogans: «Я-Донбасс».

-Expression of solidarity with people of the DPR and the LPR; 
- The expression of murders` cessation of Donbass civilians.

Organizers: the CPRF party, Kostroma regional organization «The children of the war».

In resolution of the meeting there was a request to the Russian authorities to recognize officially the Donetsk and Luhansk Republics, and make everything possible to stop junta from shelling of cities of Donbass, don’t stop the humanitarian help for Novorossia, track this help not to appear at the  profiteer`s hands.


07.02.2015 Munich,
the Germany

around  100 people

Slogans: «Против НАТО», «Save Donbass people», «SaveDonbass Children», «Stop War!» etc.

- The expression of solidarity with people of Novorossia;
- The cessation of the genocide on Donbass;
- The condemnation of the support of the Ukrainian Government.

During the Munich Security conference, citizens disagreed with the Western policy towards Russia and Donbass, and walked down the streets with the request to stop the war and the escalation of the conflict.


09.02.2015 Sophia,

около 100 чел

- The protest against the NATO expansion and setting up Alliance`s command center on the territory of Bulgaria;
- The support of the DPR and the LPR. 

Hundreds of people went into the streets of Sofia at national protest against the NATO expansion in Bulgaria. Protestors carried a big Ribbon of Saint George along the streets, and then the action continued near the Residence of the Head of the country, where the flags of the USA and the European Union were burnt.

13.02.2015 Budapest,

around 20 people

- The demand for the MFA of Hungary to protect ethnic Hungarian rights; 
- The protest against Hungarian`s mobilization into the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

Activists of the party «Jobbik» held an action in the center of Budapest against the mobilization of the ethnic Hungarians into the Armed Forces of Ukraine and against the weapons supplying to the Kiev regime.

14.02.2015 Montreal,

up to 5 people

Slogans: «Je suis Donbass». 

Adversaries of war held a photo exhibition in Montreal depicting war crimes committed by the Ukrainian authorities.

14.02.2015 Belgorod,
the Russian Federation,

around  30 people

Slogans «Мир и свободу Новороссии!», «Стоп - фашизму!».

- The solidarity with Novorossia people.

On the 14th of February, on the eve of the declared truce on the South-East of Ukraine, anti-fascist meeting and march supporting Novorossia took place due to the initiative of the communist-deputies Yaroslav Sidorov and Krill Skachko and with the assistance of Belgorod municipal departments of the KPRF party and All-Russian Constructive Movement «Russkiy Lad». The action was supported by other political parties, public movements and ordinary Belgorod citizens.

15.02.2015 Dublin, Ireland,

4-10 people

«Ukrainian regime – terrorists»,
«Save Donbass people» 

Organizers: Humanitarian battalion. Ireland, Anti-Imperialist Front Ireland.

The photo exhibition took place at Dublin, demonstrating photos of the killed and wounded children because of hostilities.


16.02.2015 Sophia,

up to 1000 people

Slogans: «НАТО вон!».

- The demand to stop the NATO`s activity on the territory of Bulgaria, Bulgaria`s withdrawal from the Alliance;
- The expression of  solidarity with the Russian Federation, the DPR and the LPR.

Organizers: Anti-fascist Alliance of Bulgaria and the «Attack» party.

Hundreds of people went into the streets of Sofia at national protest against the NATO expansion in Bulgaria. Protestors carried a big Ribbon of Saint George along the streets, and then the action continued near the Residence of the Head of the country, where the flags of the USA and the European Union were burnt.


17.02.2015 New-York,
the USA

up to 20 people

Slogans: «No weapon for Ukraine», «Fight Fascism & Racism», «Save Donbass people».
«U.S. AID to Ukraine & Neo-Nazi gun», «No NATO expansion».

- The protest against weapons supply to Ukraine;
- The protest against war financing in Ukraine.

Organizers: International Action Centre, «Borot'ba». 
Action participants demanded stop financing the war and direct money on the creation of the positions of employment. The action participants demanded stop financing the war and use money for creating vacant positions and building schools. The protestors paid tribute to Vsevolod Petrovskiy, the fallen soldier of the Brigade «Prizrak» during the battles for Debaltsevo. They also demanded the discharge of the journalist Ruslan Kotsaba.