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Donetsk People's Republic

We remember …

27 January 2015
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Today is the anniversary of Auschwitz concentration camp prisoners relief by the First Ukrainian Front soldiers and the world society commemorates Holocoust victims.

Basing on misanthropy state policy of Nazi regime murdered millions of Jewish people during World War II.
The territory of the former Soviet Union is dotted with hundreds of execution and torture places, burials of people who were guilty only of belonging to Jewish nation.

We bow our heads in mourning for the fallen and recall with grace all those brave men who saved doomed. Those saints will always remain in the descendant' s memory.  

International well-being and strong interethnic relations were always the specific features of Donbass people. We always strongly condemn and reject any manifestation of intolerance on a national and religious basis. All our energies were always directed to education of our children in the tradition of tolerance and mutual respect because Donbass power is based on the cultural diversity of its nations.

Unfortunately Holocaust tragedy didn`t prevent xenophobia in Europe and all processes happening around us just prove this fact. It`s a sacred duty for us, descendants of those brave men, who raised the victory banner on the Reichstag, not only to preserve memory about Nazi regime crimes but also to make everything possible for not having the recurrence of human previous mistakes.