Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

We will do our best to let the whole world know the truth about criminal essence of the Kiev regime and its Western accomplices

24 August 2022
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Today, on August 23, a briefing was held by First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the DPR Sergey Peresada and press officer of the DPR Ministry of State Security Mikhail Popov. The event was also attended by a citizen of Ukraine Evgeny Karpenko, who was recruited by the Ukrainian special services and sent to train mine-blasting in the Czech Republic.

Sergey Peresada commented such criminal actions of the Kiev, indicating that they violate a number of documents of international law. He also drew attention to the inadmissibility of the position taken by.

“In fact, the authorities of the Czech Republic have created a training center for terrorist saboteurs to work against the civilian population. And this is all happening under the supervision of Western instructors. What is happening is blatant: mercenaries and saboteurs from third countries are being trained on the territory of the military bases of the European Union countries, who will subsequently apply the acquired knowledge and skills for mass killings of civilians.”

The First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs noted that the DPR MFA representatives sent all available information about the preparation by Ukraine of a terrorist act on the Republic’s territory and the participation of the Czech Republic in this to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation:

 “We intend to do everything possible to ensure that as many people as possible around the world find out the truth about the genuine, fundamentally criminal, and Nazi essence of the regime that seized power in Kiev, which should have been recognized as a terrorist. The international community, especially in the States of the so-called collective West, has the right to know about the unsightly role that their governments have undertaken to play, providing political and financial support to such a bloody regime, bolstering it with weapons and in every possible way condoning the low and vile atrocities committed by them. Thus, Western countries become their direct accomplices and bear full responsibility for the crimes committed by Kiev.”

Video of the briefing is available here.