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Situation in Donbass was covered on the European television

01 October 2015
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September 29, 2015, situation in Donbass was covered on the European television for the first time since last year and a half, touching upon the topic of sufferings of locals exemplified by picture stories of killed during the hostilities journalists from Russia and Greece Andrei Steshin and Aphanasiy Kosse.

The organizer of photo exhibition "Anti-fascism movement in Greece" considers story shown on the Greek National Television ERT 1 to be the real informational breakthrough owing to two-year long ongoing work of organization.

It is worth to remind, that «Anti-fascism movement in Greece»was created by Andreas Zaferos. Almost every week lectures are conducted by movement representatives in Athens Institutions, colleges, youth clubs, dedicated to events in Donbass: who really got into power in Ukraine, about «Praviy Sektor», «Svoboda» Party, and who is Stephan Bandera and Shukhevich. This was the way the anti-fascism movement has been informing Greek citizens during two years, step by step, what is really happening in Ukraine.