Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Natalia Nikonorova took part in a briefing on the situation with Equatorial Guinea citizen Mamadou Diallo

19 February 2019
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Today, on February 19, in Donetsk, a briefing was held by the DPR Minister of Foreign Affairs Natalia Nikonorova on the situation with Equatorial Guinea citizen Mamadou Diallo.

During the briefing, Natalia Nikonorova spoke about the difficult situation, in which Mr. Diallo found himself. Having crossed the border between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, Mamadou Diallo was detained by unidentified persons, allegedly by members of the SSU (Security Service of Ukraine), to conduct interrogations using physical and psychological interventions. His passport was seized, and he was taken to the “gray” zone and left there in critical condition. The staff of the DPR border service found him and brought him to the nearest medical facility, where he was provided with all the necessary medical assistance and living conditions until his situation was resolved.

The DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs contacted the staff of the diplomatic mission of Equatorial Guinea in the Russian Federation. After explaining the details of the situation in which Mamadou Diallo found himself, the mechanism for his return home was agreed and worked out. At the moment, Mamadou Diallo has already received a special temporary identity document, thanks to which he will be able to go through all the formalities while crossing the border of the Donetsk People's Republic and make a flight from Moscow to the capital of Equatorial Guinea, the city of Malabo.

Natalia Nikonorova noted that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs took all possible measures to help Mamadou Diallo return home. She also expressed hope for the speedy and safe return of Mr. Diallo to his homeland, where his relatives and friends are waiting for him.