Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Natalia Nikonorova told about the ones who might actually be on the territory of "Azovstal"

20 April 2022
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The Minister commented on the proposal of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on a humanitarian truce with the Ukrainian side and expressed doubts about its necessity and expediency.

She recalled that over 8 years of negotiations with Ukraine, various ceasefires led only to regrouping and strengthening positions of the armed formations of Ukraine.

The Foreign Minister also commented on the situation with the "Azovstal" plant and made an assumption about the ones who might actually be inside "Azovstal", in addition to the Ukrainian nazis from the "Azov" battalion: 

"We have assumptions that there is someone at this facility who neither the DPR People's Militia nor the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation should see. It can be either high ranking mercenaries or military instructors who are foreign citizens, or those who understand that they are actually war criminals."