Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


16 July 2021
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On July 15, the forum "Russia-Donbass: Unity of Priorities" took place in Donetsk. The event was attended by the DPR Head Denis Pushilin, Chairman of the Government of South Ossetia Gennady Bekoev, deputies of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Gennadiy Onishchenko, Andrey Kozenko, Viktor Vodolatskiy, Artem Turov, Igor Stankevich, Larisa Tutova, Chairman of the People's Council of the Lugansk People's Republic Denis Miroshnichenko, as well as representatives of ministries, departments, scientists and public figures from Russia, DPR, LPR.

In his welcoming speech, the Republic’s Head noted:

“In 2014, we stood up for the defense of the Russian World and stay on the line of defense to this day. This is our responsibility, which we fully bear. But the citizens of the Russian Federation living in Donbass must also have all the rights guaranteed by their citizenship, to be fully involved in the social and economic life of the Russian Federation. "

The LPR Head Leonid Pasechnik recorded a welcome video message for the guests and participants of the Donetsk forum, in which he expressed confidence in the further fruitful development of integration ties between Donbass and Russia.

Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova also spoke at the forum. She presented a report in which she outlined Russia's current achievements in foreign policy and other vectors, the role of the Russian Federation in resolving Donbass conflict, the importance of supporting compatriots abroad and other topical issues.

Speaking about the assistance of the Russian Federation to Donbass, Natalia Nikonorova stressed:

“In recent years, we have had thousands of reasons to make sure that our big Motherland is not going to stop supporting Donbass: this is evidenced by hundreds of common events held for everyone within the Russian Center, and the active work of the Russia-Donbass integration committee", systematic humanitarian aid, large-scale multifaceted cooperation with representatives of the United Russia party and, of course, we are infinitely grateful for such fundamental, historically important decisions of the Russian leadership as the recognition of our documents on the territory of Russia and the decision on a simplified procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship."

Within the framework of the forum, a number of round tables were held, in which, in addition to the above-mentioned delegates, the Chairman of the Young Guard of United Russia Denis Davydov, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Volgograd Regional Duma, Chairman of the Volgograd Regional Duma Committee on Education, Science, Youth Affairs, Physical Culture, sports and tourism Alexey Volotskov, Deputy Chairman of the Kostroma Regional Duma, Chairman of the Committee on Economic, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship Ivan Bogdanov, Ombudsman for the Rights of the Child in Kaluga Region Olga Korobova, Head of the Union of Donbass Volunteers Alexander Boroday.

As part of these events, guests from the Russian Federation and the Lugansk People's Republic presented their point of view on such issues as the importance of passporting residents of the Republics in a simplified manner, problems and prospects for providing state social services to citizens of the Russian Federation living in the DPR and LPR, problems and prospects of integration processes in Donbass and the Russian Federation in the field of education and science.