Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Natalia Nikonorova stated about the blockade of foreign ships in Mariupol

08 April 2022
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“As far as we know in the basin of Mariupol there are currently 6 foreign ships containing foreign nationals on board from such countries as Bulgaria, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Liberia, Azerbaijan.

They are unable to leave the port for fears of coming under fire from the Ukrainian troops or hitting sea mines that were possibly planted in the basin even before the launch of the operation,” said the Minister during the press conference today.

The Minister also pointed out that there have been numerous attempts to urge Ukrainian side to facilitate the evacuation of foreign ships and foreign citizens but no reply has been received.

MFA Head called on the world community and those countries whose citizen remain in the port of Mariupol to exert pressure on Ukraine to take action and secure immediate evacuation of the ships.

There are no hurdles from the DPR’s side compromising the evacuation efforts. It has to be carried out as soon as possible in order to prevent any other provocations by Kiev. Today’s horrifying missile attack on Kramatorsk, the “Tochka-U” strike of the center on Donetsk, and the alleged Bucha massacre  - all serve as a demonstration that the agonizing Ukrainian regime is willing to commit bloody crimes not only against the Donbass population, but also foreign citizen.