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German politicians held an event in support of Donbass residents

20 January 2020
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On Saturday, January 18, members of the Alternative for Germany faction in the city of Salzwedel held an information event on the humanitarian situation in Donbass.

The member of Berlin parliament, Gunnar Lindemann, told the audience about his trips to the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, as well as about his humanitarian projects.

In particular, in his speech he dwelt in detail on meetings with representatives of German national communities living in Republics:

“About 300 ethnic Germans still live in Donetsk, which the German federal government doesn’t care about and simply doesn’t even want to remember. Therefore, our party assumed responsibility for brothers abroad” - German politician said.

One of the key topics has also become the humanitarian vulnerability of certain segments of the population in Donbass, namely orphans. Mr. Lindemann spoke about the situation as a whole and focused on the fact that it is the inhabitants of orphanages and boarding schools that most need help and support.

At the end of the event, its participants expressed their readiness to support the children of Donbass as much as possible, including by collecting donations for orphanages and boarding schools.