Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

No one and nothing is forgotten

27 January 2015
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Today is the 72d anniversary of the full relief of hero-city Leningrad from the Nazi blockade and we, as the descendants of triumphant warriors, recollect with honor the feat of Red Army, the Baltic Fleet, Ladoga military flotilla soldiers and the brave of ordinary Leningrad citizens.

Hitler`s invasion was built on his confidence that morale and freedom love of our people would be broken. To achieve this, fascists have used their entire armory. But in spite of shelling, bombarding, hunger, cold, and epidemic, Leningrad shown it`s invincibility of people`s will and it`s anxiety for invasion resistance.

In this bloodcurdling in scale battle 300 000 of Soviet soldiers, sailors, officers gave their lives and more than 600 000 of civilians fell victim to Nazi terror.

We bow our heads in mourning for the fallen and recall all our ancestors with gratitude and pride. We will always remember the feat of our Leningrad, our people as one of the indestructible pillars of our historical memory and our identity.

Nowadays lots of people rightly compare events in the Donbass with Leningrad battle. Moreover, there is a reason to compare. Despite of continuous shelling, blockade, shortage of food products and medicaments, non-stop battles, Donbass people, inspired by the example of unbroken Leningrad citizens, will defend own Motherland and expel invaders from the homeland.