Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Address to Ossetian nation of the First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the DPR Mikhail Mnukhin

18 March 2015
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Today, on the 18th of March, we commemorate the victims of the tragedy in Eredvi, happened during the period of the war in South Ossetia, when the South Ossetian nation had expressed its urge towards the establishment of a new state. Exactly 24 years ago 12 Ossetian men after brutal tortures were buried alive. It was a cruel manifestation of Georgian fascism towards innocent and unarmed people.

During the past year Donbass nation has experienced all Ukrainian Nazi`s atrocities in full. Numerous shelling of residential districts claimed lives of thousands of people. Today we uphold our right for independence with blood, as well as the fraternal nation of the South Ossetia did it in 1991-1992.

We are convinced that all heroes, who courageously resist fascism, defend their own land and their own home, will remain not only in history, but in our hearts.

We mourn deeply together with families and relatives of the fallen.