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Fallen known and unknown Defenders of Homeland Memorial opening in Amvrosievka

04 December 2015
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Yesterday, December 3, 2015, under the auspices of Russian military-historical community, organized by the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Republic Research Union «Donbass» - Fallen known and unknown Defenders of Homeland Memorial solemn opening took place in Amvrosievka (DPR).

The event was attended by: the DPR Foreign Minister Aleksandr Kofman, the DPR Ministry of Defense Deputy Corps Commander E. Basurin, Plenipotentiary of the Republic of South Ossetia T. Gibizov, non-governmental movement «Donetsk Republic» executive committee first deputy head A. Kramar, the DPR Control Center on Renovation representatives, the Head of Amvrosievka area N. Tarasenko, the LPR People’s Council First Deputy Chairman S. Gizai, Mordovia Republic non-governmental organization «Archive-Research group «»Bronia» commander A. Kuznetsov, Russian military-historical community representatives, Rostov Regional «Research movement» department representatives, Republic Research Union «Donbass» representatives, poet, singer Vladimir Skobtsov.

The DPR Foreign Minister Aleksandr Kofman stressed during ceremony opening that burial place was chosen not by accident. More than seventy years ago the Red Army soldiers of cavalry and tank brigades fell there in fights for Donbass. Last year our time soldiers fell in battle for Amvrosievka; they were also fighting for freedom. That is why the Memorial would symbolize continuity of two-war generations – Great patriotic and modern ones; the last one unfortunately is not finished.

According to scientific director Mikhail Miagkov from Russian military-historical community, Fallen known and unknown Defenders of Homeland Memorial opening was a tribute to the memory of all soldiers-heroes who fell for their Homeland freedom. Without their feat peaceful world would be impossible. That is why our joint task is to sacredly commemorate our past and remember about all those whom we are own our lives.

After it the funeral service took place after which a burial ceremony of 38 Red Army soldiers` remains was held who died during Great Patriotic war.

Along with the Donetsk People’s Republic, the same monuments were opened in Verigino village, Tver area, and on the territory of «Siniavinskie Vysoty» Memorial, Leningrad area, Russia. The event was held with an assistance of Russian military-historical community within the framework of Unknown Soldier Memory Day established in the Russian Federation.

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