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Donetsk People's Republic

Opening of DPR Casualties Monument in Donetsk

28 August 2015
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Today, August 28, 2015 , a rally took place in Donetsk devoted to opening of the DPR Casualties Monument. 

The event was attended by the honored guests: Head of Donetsk Administration I. Martynov, Minister of Culture A. Paretskiy and First Deputy of the DPR Head Administration D. Trapeznikov.

The event guests noted that appearance of this monument was a tribute to all those innocent victims who died from arms of the Ukrainian punitives. These are young women, who will never become mothers, women who will never see their grandchildren, young fellows and men, who will never become husbands and family men and children who will never reach adulthood.

DPR Casualties Monument memorizes every innocently killed DPR citizen and will always remind about blatant crimes of Kiev regime.