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Donetsk People's Republic

The DPR First Scientific Conference of historians «Donbass History: analysis and prospects»

30 November 2015
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In the framework of given by A. Zakharchenko task on formation the concept of the DPR development and ideology, November 29, 2015, the DPR First Scientific Conference of historians «Donbass History: analysis and prospects» took place in conference hall of the Foreign Ministry. The conference was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Donetsk Republic Local History Museum in close cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science, Republic Head Administration Department on Foreign Affairs. More than twenty scientists-historians and experts-theorists took part in this conference.

Necessity of holding the conference is connected firstly with natural striving to discuss the number of questions connected with the formation of young Republic. Building the firm foundation of the state and developing the prospective plan of development are possible only on the basis of deep analysis of historical past.

In the course of discussion various topics were touched: history of etnic groups, lived on the territory of former Donbass from Dark Ages till nowadays, steps of formation the self-consciousness and self-identification within our land citizens, the results of social research and covering the events connected with holding the punitive operation on Donbass land by Kiev regime.

This conference’s main goal – to start forming the ideology and project of the DPR development taking as a ground the real historical heritage of our region, and also the development of a strategy of Donetsk People’s Republic’s location on the world stage.

On the result of a conference the main issues and problems were formulated taking more wide discussion with participation of experts-historians from LPR and Russia, political experts, sociologists and public persons.

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