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First DPR Business Congress took place in Donetsk (August 7, 2015)

10 August 2015
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On August 7, 2015 First DPR Business Association members Congress took place in Donetsk attended by the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs representatives. Congress took place with an assistance of the non-governmental organization «Donetsk Republic», forum was organized by the DPR Ministry of Economy and Development.

The event was attended by:

• DPR Leader A. Zakharchenko;

• Deputy Chairman of DPR People’s Council D. Pushilin;

• DPR Minister of Economy and Development E. Samokhina;

• DPR Minister of Culture A. Paretskiy; 

• Republic Ministries and agencies representatives.

Among honored guests, Congress was attended by around 500 delegates, representing various DPR business entities.

DPR Leader A. Zakharchenko formally opened Congress addressing present with opening speech. Mr. Zakharchenko stressed such events demonstrate DPR people’s unity and solidarity who unite in the name of our country’s fame and prosperity.

Deputy Chairman of DPR People’s Council D. Pushilin noticed Business Association would become peculiar bridge between requirements, opportunities, appetites of businessmen and DPR authorities.

As a result of Congress, the main aims and goals were formulated by DPR Business Association, namely establishing cooperation between business and government, activities coordination on Union members protection of interests, security provision for business, business participation in law making.