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Signing of agreement on cooperation between DPR and LPR Trade Unions` Federations

11 December 2015
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The agreement on cooperation was signed by Trade Unions` Federations of Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics. The signatures were put by the LPR Trade Union Federation Chairman Oleg Akimov and the DPR Trade Union Federation Chairman Maksim Parshin.

The main area of cooperation is to be protection of social and economic interests of trade union members in issues of payment for labor, tax assessment, facilitation to economic recovery, protection from unemployment, migration and organization of labor market, workplace health and safety, joint-agreed regulation of social protection, occupational training and retraining.

"We are looking forward to fruitful interaction and cooperation with Luhansk citizens. At the present moment our main efforts are aimed at extension of trade union membership in enterprises of various property categories, especially private ones. We are ready to share experience and with pleasure will make use of experience of our colleagues. We have already heard and took into account a lot of interesting today" – told the DPR Trade Union Federation Chairman Maksim Parshin.

Trade unions are planning to establish permanent exchange of information on activities, trade unions` newspapers, magazines, informational newsletters. In case of necessity they will deal with questions of mutual interest and come to common decisions.

"Cooperation with colleagues from the DPR is not just signing a document for us. Donetsk People’s Republic for us is not just a neighbor, we are one nation who stood their ground and won. Both we and our colleagues have an interesting experience that we will exchange. We will work as one team and live as one trade union family ", – stressed the LPR Trade Union Federation Chairman Oleg Akimov.

The agreement is made on five years.