Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Message from state-financed institution «Zarya» pupils (Moscow, Russia) to the DPR children

30 July 2015
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June 1 2015, World Children Action of Solidarity took place in Donetsk. In the frameworks of events dedicated to this Action, DPR children expressed wish of peace and goodness in their pictures.

Action initiator was the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs; pictures were given by junior pupils from Donetsk school №32 and Makeyevka gymnasium.

From June 24 to July 1 2015, DPR children exhibition took place in Zelenogradsk administration district, Moscow, with an assistance of state-financed institution «Zarya».

This exhibition touched hearts not only adults but small Moscow citizens. State-financed institution «Zarya» pupils empathize disaster that happened with age mates from Donbass. As a support, they sent a letter addressing all DPR children:

«Dear children!

Thanks a lot for your pictures.

We are the pupils from Moscow state-financed institution «Zarya» and we hope very much that all misfortunes would end soon. We wish all Donbass citizens peaceful sky upon heads and of course health. We support you and wish peace come to your land!

State-financed institution «Zarya» pupils