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The truth about life in the DPR was heard in Athens

23 October 2015
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With an assistance of the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Horlovka Institute of Foreign Languages rector Svetlana Kochetova took part in International forum «European Forum on Donbass» that took place on October  10-11 in Athens.

Forum organizers were Community of Greeks and Russian-speaking citizens of Greece «Fedyor Dostoevsky», movements SaveDonbass and Alternativa. Forum was dedicated to support of Donbass people, peace achievement and implementation of the Minsk agreements.

In this large event the representatives from many countries took part in this event: Greece, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Estonia Spain, Poland. Also within the invited participants were the DPR and the LPR representatives, non-governmental movements and organizations from Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Turkey.

According to organizers, the forum’s goal – informing the society of the European countries about events in Donbass, holding Actions of Solidarity with its citizens, humanitarian assistance.

«Today I represent my favorite land, my Homeland – Donbass. The land of great hard workers, famous miners, chemists, metal-makers, famous scientists, talented teachers, writers, musicians, science and culture leaders. The representatives of 137 nationalities leave in peace and harmony in Donbass. Despite the profession we serve and what nationality we are, we are the successors of our Homeland defenders, who saved our land and world from fascism in 1941-1945», - Svetlana Kochetova started her speech with these words.

Svetlana Kochetova drew parallel between tragic events in June 22 1941 and August 25, 2015 when Ukrainian Armed Forces started shelling Horlovka. «On the eve of a new studying year the Ukrainian soldiers by pinpoint bombing intentionally destroyed kindergarten, two schools and two institutions», - she stressed. Also she provided the numbers 0 the number of casualties among the DPR civilians since the beginning of the hostilities, the number of wounded, and the number of destroyed objects of infrastructure.

Also Svetlana Kochetova underlined, that the DPR citizens, and in particular her colleagues, in spite of circumstances work with enthusiasm, selflessly: «We teach, do scientific researches, hold scientific conferences. Lifeshouldgoon!».

Also rector pointed out huge part from the Russian side presented in humanitarian cargo with feeding products, building materials, medicaments, teaching books. «We need the truth about us. We need developing contacts, that allow us to break through the informational blockade, » - Svetlana Kochetova stressed.

According to Svetlana Kochetova, even forum organizers cried during her speech, they admitted that hadn’t known much about life in Donbass before it.

Also during her speech, rector expressed offer from the DPR higher education institutions to strengthen cooperation with institutions and universities of Greece. Realization of it is real, as for interuniversity cooperation the approval of ministries and agencies is not necessary. This initiative was highly supported.

In the course of event a treaty on cooperation was signed between cultural centre «Fyodor Dostoevsky» and the department of world literature and comparative literary studies of Horlovka Institute of Foreign Languages.

The most important result of Forum was creation of Common European anti-fascism organization.