Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Representatives of foreign countries took part in "Angels" campaign

02 June 2022
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Yesterday, on International Children's Day in Germany, Italy, France and Greece, events were held as part of the Angels campaign, designed to honor the memory of the killed children in Donbass. Our like-minded people launched balloons and sky lanterns into the sky, recorded a video as a sign of support and expressed their solidarity with colored drawings, symbolizing the bright colors that every childhood should be filled with.

Among the participants were chairman of the DPR Representative Center in Turin, Italy Eliseo Bertolasi, head of the DPR Representative Center in Greece Andreas Zafeiris, member of the Berlin parliament Gunnar Lindemann and political scientist, head of the West-East NGO Nikola Mirkovich.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its sincere gratitude to all like-minded people and foreign friends for supporting the Republic’s people and continuing to honor the memory of the innocent children of Donbass for the seventh year now.

The "Angels" campaign has been held annually since 2016 with the support of the "Young Republic" NGO and the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During this time, representatives of 20 countries of the world took part in this campaign.