Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Condolences to the Armenian people from the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs

07 December 2015
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27 years ago the most horrible natural disaster occurred on the North-West of Armenia - the Spitak earthquake. As the result of this tragedy more than 25 thousands of people died, more than half a million were made homeless.

The catastrophe caused huge damage of the whole Armenian SSR infrastructure. All Soviet Union people instantly gathered during those days and managed to provide the suffered Republic with all possible help. Donbass land received many thousands of ethnic Armenians who have become inherent part of our nation.

Recollecting this tragic date, the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers the deepest condolences to relatives and close ones of victims and to the Armenian nation. We are sure that owing to solidarity we would manage to go through the most horrible disasters and the most tragic days.