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DPR supporter was awarded a prize «World Without Nazism»

28 August 2015
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Despite pro-American media efforts to hide the truth about happening events in DPR and LPR from world community, informational blockade breakthrough is continuing.

An outstanding success of this struggle is awarding international prize «World Without Nazism» of the representative of «Save Donbass» organization, member of Greek volunteer movement supporting DPR and LPR Andreas Zafeiris.

Our associate presented a report on Nazi war against Donbass people to International Human Rights Movement “The World Without Nazism «World Without Nazism». After reviewing this report, award panel took a solid decision to award Mr. Zafaeris with honorable prize in the nomination « Freedom of Word ».

We are sure that this small but significant victory in standing for the right of our people to peaceful sky would become one more element in the chain of similar success of our associates all over the world.