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ally in support of Donbass was held in Belgium

04 April 2022
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On April 2, a rally in support of Donbass Republics was held in the Belgian city of Durbuy. The event was organized by Kris Roman, Head of the DPR Representative Center in Belgium.

The event was attended by Ataman of the Belgian headquarters of the Cossacks from the Union of Cossacks and soldiers of Russia and abroad Roman Aliev, public figures of Belgium and representatives of the North Ossetian community.

Speaking to participants, Kris Roman spoke about his vision of the situation in Republics:

“For 8 years now, the Donbass people have been subjected to terror by the Ukrainian army and its Nazi troops. I have seen the suffering of people with my own eyes. I heard Ukrainian bombs exploded. I spoke to people who had lost children, who had lost loved ones. All these 8 years, the Western press has been silent, looked at the other side. No tears for the inhabitants of Donbass. No Western help to victims in the DPR. And now these Western media continue to ignore the shelling of Donbass, but demonize Russia. This is utter hypocrisy."

Within the framework of event, participants have walked down the city streets with the flags of the Donetsk People's Republic, Russian Federation and North Ossetia.