Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The delegation of foreign observers from Finland and Serbia arrived to Donetsk

11 July 2016
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Today, 11 July, the delegation arrived to Donetsk of the foreign observers on the public primaries: Johan Bäckman – the representative of Finland; Miodrag Zarkovic, Goran Milenkovic, Dejan Dzakula – the representatives of Serbia.

 The foreign delegates` main aim – familiarization with the inception step of primaries that are to take place in Donetsk and other cities of the Republic.

Within the framework of a visit the guests met with the Acting Foreign Minister Natalya Nikonorova. The Head of Foreign Agency told about aims, tasks and principles of participation of the foreign observers in primaries and local elections. Also in the course of the meeting Natalya Nikonorova answered the questions concerning the preparation to the public primaries.

In the visit’s program – visit to the central office of social movement «Donetsk Republic», the DPR Central electing committee, familiarization with the procedure of collecting the signatures on the petition against the violation of the Minsk agreements by Kiev.

The conference on the results of foreign guests` visit is to take place in DNA (Donetsk News Agency) at 17:00.