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Discussion of perspectives of Republic social extension and its integration to the Eurasian Union in Donetsk

27 August 2015
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On August 26, 2015, in the capital of Republic a conference took place, organized by Executive Office of DPR People Council, where Republic social extension perspectives and its integration to the Eurasian Union were discussed. The conference was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Donetsk People's Republic has been existing as a freestanding state more than a year already. Having practically nothing of own at the beginning, it has transferred to a stage of its confident formation. Today its founders, after two years, sit at the same table in order to sum up already made work and lay a vector on the future.

"Till new hasn't come into legacy, and the old one continues resisting, the Revolution is going on. It can be called successful only in case of the end of transition, and "yesterday" never-returning",- said in opening speech Front Office Head of DPR People's Council Chairman Aleksei Aleksandrov.

"DPR's integration to the Eurasian Union sounds rather unrealistic at this moment. But two years ago an independent Donetsk People's Republic was not an unreal - it was above a beyond.

After two years we are sitting at this independent Republic and discussing its perspectives of entrance to the international structures. And if our independence is not a fantasy, our entrance to the Eurasian Union is not a fantasy too. It's just a question of time, patience and perseverance of those who will work on this question", - ideologist Pavel Rasta stated.

Front Office Head of DPR People's Council Aleksei Aleksandrov emphasized the following: "Nowadays rather complicated ideological concept is being creating that is to be formed in different ways at the Middle East and in Donbass. I believe our ideology would gain a victory, become prevalent and re-structure the future".

Discussion participants turned to the history of Eurasian area, on the basis of which integration project appeared - the Eurasian Union.

«Present Russian turn to Eurasian dominant, in contrast to the European one that was noticeable in Russian policy till 2003, and is connected with the fact Eurasia is an original center integrating Slavonic, Turkic and Ugric-Finnish ethnic groups where this positive complementarity was created», - Dr. phil., professor of Donetsk State University of Management Dmitriy Muza noted in his report.

DPR People’s Council Chairman Andrei Purgin stressed in his speech, Worldwide crisis that covered major part of countries is not a financial but civilizational. Humanity reached a deadlock of development because of financial elite which has been ruling in the world for the last hundred years.

«Today the following utterance is in front and center: «Be realistic – demand the impossible!».

I had an interesting thought about building a new, another «USSR»: freedom, fairness, solidarity and development. These are the things that connect Russian world and Russian space. These are the values which would be able to unite absolutely different civilizational projects. Certainly, these are absolutely different people, absolutely different things, different concepts on life, but they are all inside Russian civilizational space.

Russian world is an antipode of Western, Euro-Atlantic world. If Russian civilizational space disappears – Western world would stay beyond competition», - explained his position Andrei Purgin.

Commenting on the conference, Andrei Purgin expressed hope that such meetings would take place more often, and their results would help arriving at conceptual consistency and preciseness of ideological, political and social path.

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