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Centre of People’s Friendship opening took place in Donetsk

16 December 2015
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Today, December 16, 2015, Centre of People’s Friendship solemn opening took place in Donetsk under the patronage of the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Centre of People’s Friendship opening was attended by the representatives of the Head Administration, People’s Council, the DPR Minister’s Council, and the representatives of the chief national and religious communities of the Republic.

Foreign Minister A. Kofman turned attention in his opening speech at the fact the Centre of People’s Friendship was aimed to encourage for the effective and fruitful dialogue between the representatives of the DPR official authorities and national communities` members. Centre of People’s Friendship creation is that necessary step for development of international relations that would become the base for quite new level of cooperation between the Donetsk People’s Republic and foreign countries.

Also, parting word was taken by the DPR People’s Council Deputy Chairman O. Makeeva, the DPR acting Minister of Culture M. Zheltiakov, the DPR Head Administration Department of Foreign Policy Chief A. Afendikov, Donetsk City Administration First Deputy I. Ponomarenko, Central Election Committee Chairman R. Liagin, Donetsk Botanic Garden Director S. Prikhodko.

Participating in the event representatives of national and religious communities` were solemnly admitted to the members of the Centre of People’s Friendship. They stressed that this organization could be called as a special symbol of union of different nationalities, cultures, religions and confessions.

Centre of People’s Friendship on the basis of the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs is located at the following address: B. Khmel’nyts’koho Ave. 102, Donetsk (13th floor).

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