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«Big Donbass» Fest has started in Donetsk

13 August 2015
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Today, August 13, 2015, Music and Poetry Fest «Big Donbass» has started in Donetsk.

«Big Donbass» Fest Initiators and top-organizers:

• DPR club of author song «Big Donbass» (Chairman DPR author song «Big Donbass» - Vladimir Skobtsov, Deputy Club Chairman – Gennadiy Gorelik);

• Art Union «BLITZ-ART»;

• «Big Donbass» Fest Director – Svetlana Kumanova.

Fest Со-organizers:

• DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

• DPR Ministry of Culture;

• DPR Ministry of Defense;

• DPR Ministry of Information;

• DPR Ministry of Education and Science;

• DPR Ministry of Youth, Sports and Tourism;

• DPR Ministry of Communications;

• Donetsk City Administration;

• State company «Agency on media and advertising «Promotion»;

• Production centre «9 val»;

• Donbass Veterans Alliance «Berkut»;

• Republic non-governmental organization «Free Donbass».

Fest honored guests:

Alexander Mirzajan, Vadim Stepantsov, Andrei Sobolev, Iuriy Iurchenko, Roman Rykalov, Alexander Vulykh, Viktor Pelenyagre, Alexander Tsurkan, Baiker club «Night wolves», Band «Bakhyt Kompot», Band «Demarch», band «Zveroboi», band «Donna Roza», band «Po-zhyvomu», Band «Burlesque-orchestra».


First day of Music and Poetry Fest «Big Donbass» is to be devoted to guests and participants receiving.

In the program:

— arrival, Fest participants’ accommodation, art workshops startup;

— honored guests in radio air «Kometa»;

— art meetings with honored guests;

— rock concert in «Bochka» club.

Detailed Fest program is here.