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Alley of People’s Unity laying took place in Donetsk Botanic Garden

03 November 2015
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Today, November 3, 2015, Alley of People’s Unity solemn laying took place in Donetsk Botanic Garden. The event was organized by the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs with an assistance of Donetsk Botanic Garden.

Among the participants of Alley of People’s Unity laying were the DPR Foreign Minister A. Kofman, non-governmental movement «DonetskRepublic» Executive Committee First Deputy Chief A. Muratov, Plenipotentiary of the Republic of South Ossetia T. Gibizov, Central Election Committee Chairman R. Lyagin, representatives of the DPR national communities and organizations.

Foreign Minister A. Kofman stressed in his welcoming speech that significant event of Alley laying, externalizing friendship and unity of Donbass citizens, was occasioned with National Unity Day. Alexander Kofman emphasized that despite challenges and obstacles of war time, multinational Donetsk People’s Republic people live friendly and conjointly.

In reply the floor was taken by the representatives of Bulgarian, Armenian, Dagestanian, Jewish, Latin American communities. They expressed gratitude to organizers for developing relationships between Donbass multiple nations and cultures.

At the end of an official part of the event guests have set trees of Ginkgo Biloba sort, with leaves known for health benefit.

These trees, symbolizing life, fortitude and generation traditions have become the first step towards the creation of People’s FriendshipGarden, where the representatives from different countries can set their national plants and decorate the land that given them in their traditional style.

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