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Donetsk People's Republic

Photo artist Vitaliy Iliushkin came to the Donetsk People’s Republic

17 November 2015
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Today, November 17, 2015, with an assistance of the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the DPR Ministry of Culture and Charity Fund «12» (Russia), photo artist, iconographer and public person Vitaliy (Roman is the name given during baptism) Iljushkin came to the Donetsk People’s Republic with exhibition project «We want peace!».

In the exposition the author photographs were presented, alongside with pictures and letters of children from Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and the Republic of South Ossetia «War affected children dream about peace!».

Exhibition author after a number of charity trips in several «hot spots» knows from first hand about war affected children’s sufferings and about difficulty of healing human souls wounded by war troubled years. Despite misfortune conditions, going through severe sufferings, little kids continue dreaming about better future.

In the photographs the author made an attempt to pass the desire of children from different nations to live happily, be joyful from smiles of mothers and friends, play in the yard in front of the new school, feast eyes with clear sky upon a head.

Exposition includes also children paintings, in which young artists tried to tell truthfully not only about the tragedy they went through, but shared with their bright dream about peace and happiness. By their messages the children of different nations express sympathy to each other and offer friendship and letter writing.

By exhibition project «We want Peace! » the author carries hot desire  to everyone who values future: «With all our efforts let us support miserable little kids in their sincere striving to end all wars and settle long-lasting peace in the whole world!».

Exhibition will take place in Donetsk, Torez, Ilovaisk, Snezhnoe and Debaltsevo, the DPR.

V. Iliushkin exhibition project «We want peace! » solemn opening in Donetsk is to take place on November 25, 2015 in Donetsk Centre of Art and Exhibition «Art Donbass» on the following address: Cheliuskintsev St. 189 (Park of Leisure and Culture, near the monument «For your liberators, Donbass!»).

More detailed program on holding V. Iliushkin photo exhibition «We want peace! » in the DPR cities will be available later on the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs official site.