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A rally against Zelensky's speech in front of parliament took place in Greece

11 April 2022
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On Saturday, April 9, a demonstration was held in Athens in support of the residents of Russia and Donbass, as well as against Zelensky's provocative speech in front of the Greek Parliament. One of the organizers was the Head of the DPR Representative office in Greece Andreas Zafeiris.

Participants expressed protest against NATO policy, as well as their unwillingness to be in the military bloc and to provide assistance to Ukraine in the form of weapons.

Demonstrators in particular opposed Zelensky’s speech (on April 7) to the Greek parliament, in which the Kiev regime leader, in addition to other lies and fakes, included a video message from Azov national battalion fighters in his online performance. The Nazis’ speech on Greek Parliament platform caused a great resonance both among parliamentarians and Greek society. Thus, the secretary of the Greek opposition party "SYRIZA - Progressive Alliance" called the speech of Azov soldiers in the parliament unacceptable.

On the day of Zelensky’s speech, the DPR Minister of Foreign Affairs Natalia Nikonorova called on the Greek people. In her speech, she urged not to believe the lies spread by the Ukrainian regime and invited foreign media to Donbass for objective coverage of current events.