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Italy hosted an online conference dedicated to Kiev’s crimes against Donbass

19 March 2022
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Yesterday, on March 18, Italy hosted an online conference on Ukraine's crimes against citizens of Donbass. The Italian SìAmo political movement organized this event.

The meeting was attended by the General Secretary of the party, Emiliano Gioia, the President of the CUB Transporti trade union Fabio Frati, the journalist, writer, teacher of history and philosophy Fabrizio Marchi and other members of the SìAmo movement.

Among the participants were also DPR representatives: director of the LEGATUS Youth Diplomacy Center Alina Ziuzina and a youth representative Vladislav Moskovsky.

The issues of Ukraine’s criminal actions, the propaganda fight directed against Russia and prevention of rehabilitation and planting of nationalist ideology in Ukraine were discussed during the conference. Representatives of Italy asked about the situation in Donetsk, the oppression of Russian-speaking people in Ukraine and the facts to which the Western media are blind

Alina Ziuzina made a presentation “Evidence of genocide in Donbass”, as well as spoke about an open letter of the DPR, LPR, RF, South Ossetia and Abkhazia youth to the OSCE, the UN, the world media and the world community with a call to condemn all acts of genocide and terror against Donbass residents from Ukraine.

The Center’s director invited Italian like-minded people to join the campaign on social networks and post under the hashtag #ДонбассбеZгеноцида, #NoGenocideInDonbass photos and videos with consequences of the Ukrainian authorities’ crimes in Donbass.

The DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its gratitude to Italian like-minded people and Republic’s young diplomats for dissemination of truthful information about that which is happening in Donbass.